How to Remove Ads From MX Player Without Root

remove popup ads from mx player

MX Player is one of the best Video players available for Android, it has a lot of features, but many time we see some annoying ads on MX player, some display ads some very annoying Popup ads as well, so here I will tell you that how to remove ads from MX Player without having Root Permissions.

First let’s talk a bit about why MX Player serve these ads, why they are not giving us the ad free video player as they have done in the starting?

So the answer is, they have Billions of Downloads and they are trying to use this traffic by serving ads to generate the revenue, as we all know it takes a lot of resources and money to develop an app of this kind. And every company or individuals who birth here ultimately want to grab money. (Truth)

You can also disable or remove ads from MX player by just buying the paid version of MX Player which will cost you around 350 INR.

But, this is not the topic of this post, I would like to tell you the FREE method to remove ads from MX player.

The Simplest method of removing ads from MX Player

Find Below: How to Remove Ads From MX Player if Your are using Resurrection Remix ROM

If you are using any Xiaomi Redmi Phone, then it will be very easy for you to just kill those ads from your mx player, if you have Redmi note 4, Redmi note 3, Redmi 4a, Redmi 3s prime, or any Xiaomi device, just follow the instructions below to disable ads on MX Player without Rooting the device.
  • Open the Security App on your Redmi
  • Click on Data Usage
  • Click on Restrict Data Usage
  • Now you will see the Screen like below

disable internet access for mx player

Just scroll down and find the MX player, and Click on the Green Check marks to turn them Red, 

By using this method you are actually disabling the internet access of MX player, so every time when you open MX player it makes some request using your internet to the ads server to serve ads to you. But when disable the internet connectivity for the MX player, it will never display ads, and actually you don’t need to give internet access to MX Player as it’s just a Video Player, but if you want to search Subtitles from MX player you have to give it internet access, otherwise you won’t be able to search subtitles online on MX player.

Many android phones are now present in the market that allows to disable internet connection for individual apps, so this was the best and easiest way to remove annoying popup ads from MX player.

Method For Resurrection Remix ROM:-

Open Settings >> Data Usage >> Mobile Data Usage/Wi-Fi Data Usage >> Find MX Player >> Click on Disable all mobile data access and Disable all Wi-Fi data access.

That's it MX player will never connect to the internet, and you will never gonna see any ads on your device.

I will update this post if I’ll find this solution for more devices, stay with us. Follow AndroWide on Facebook, Twitter and Also Subscribe on YouTube to get this kind of Tips and Tricks for Android Device.

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