[Fixed] Wrong PIN Issue After Restoring Backup Using TWRP on Redmi

How to Fix PIN Errors After Restoring from TWRP Android Backups

In today's post we are going to talk about critical but lesser known bug of Android Devices, the problem is that after restoring the nandroid backup the pin or pattern showing wrong, I have also faced this issue on my redmi Note 4 device and also on my redmi Note 3 device.

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So let me just describe briefly that what this problem actually is, so when you root your device and install a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM, then you first take the full nandroid backup of your MIUI or your Stock Android (This Post is More Redmi Phone Centric), so that you can mess with your Android Device, like flashing Custom ROMs, and Taking advantage of Root.
And you do what you like with system customization

Suppose You are using a Redmi Note 4 Device and Rooted the Phone and flashed a Custom Recovery TWRP and Taken a Full Nandroid Backup of Your MIUI ROM so that you can Flash is back at any time when you feel that You should use MIUI on Your device, and after this you Flashed any Custom ROM on Your Redmi Note 4, and after some time you think to go back to the Stock MIUI ROM, then what you do is, Boot into the Recovery Mode and Restore that Nandroid Bakcup of Redmi Note 4’s MIUI

Everything will be smooth during Restoring process but when your Redmi Note 4 will boot up first time it will ask you the Pin or Password That You have assigned with that ROM, suppose you have remember that Pin or password of MIUI, but what is this, when you are typing the Pin or Password, its showing Wrong pin after Restoring the Backup Using TWRP Recovery.

So today I will show you how to Fix this PIN Error After Restoring Backup From TWRP.

  • Boot into Recovery Mode TWRP
  • Go To Advanced>> Data>> System (Advanced>>File manager>>Data>>System) (in TWRP 3.1.X.X)
  • Now Scroll Down and Find Every File with the .key extension
  • In Redmi Note 4 I have found 4 .key files

gallery_private.key, gatekeeper.password.key, gatekeeper.patttern.key, and Access.control.key

Find them and Delete them by clicking on them one by one.

Now Head over to delete some more files, Scroll Down on the same Folder /data/system
Find- locksettings.db, locksettings.db-shm and locksettings.db-wal and delete these files as well from the system,

fix pin issue after restoring backup TWRP

And don’t worry after booting it will not ask you the pin or password, but when you go into setting and security, you will be able to create your new PIN or Password easily without any issue.

So after deleting those files just Reboot to System and Voila, it’s fixed the issue Wrong PIN/Pattern When Restoring TWRP Nandroid Backup on Redmi Note 4, or Any other Android Phone,

Feel Free to share if you are facing any problem or getting this Wrong Pin Issue after Restoring backup using TWRP on Your Device.

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Sandy said...

Thanks for the trick, it worked well as I was facing the same issue. But there is one more issue. I am not able to set finger print after restoring miui nougat rom, tried every think bit not working. Can u please help. It's working fine on custom ROM RRemix.

AndroWide said...

hi sandy, as i we know the Nougat ROM for Redmi Noter 4 is in the BETA stage so it could be a BUG, which can be fixed, and i would suggest you to take a Nandroid Backup of Your Current ROM of which you use preferably, and Flash a Fresh Android Nougat MIUI ROM, so that it can be analysed whether it is bug or Your system is misbehaving, some times our device misbehaves like this, as you have already faced the PIN issue, nothing was wrong there but it was showing error. and please let me know if you fix the issue, thanks Sandy.