How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus & Other Models

taking screenshot on iphone 7 iphone 7 plus

I-Phone is one of the best brand in the smartphone market, apple always try to add some new features to it, by the way today I am not going to tell you any new feature of iPhone, just showing you how to take screenshot on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and other iPhone models.

Taking Screenshots on Android Device is Quite Easy, but the same kind of easiness is there on an iPhone too. You can easily capture any Screen you are browsing on your iPhone 7/Plus Device.

So why we need a screenshot?? Well sometimes we some information and want to share that with our friends and family, sometimes we share any chat screen, sometimes we share any Credentials or any details which don’t need to type and share, so we just capture a screenshot and share with the people we want. There are many reasons of taking a screenshot on smartphones.

So before we start, let me quickly explain some of the best feature of iPhone 7, the smartphone comes with a 4.7” 1334 x 750 Pixels screen with HD retina display, comes in 3 variants- 32GB, 128GB and 256GB, and 2GB RAM, 12 Megapixel Camera on the back and 7 Megapixel Front Facing Camera, the battery is 1960mAh, and all the basic features and sensors.

Now Move on How to Capture Screenshot on iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus 

  1. First open that screen of which you want to take screenshot
  2. Now Press and Hold the Power Button and at the same time press the Home Button
  3. Now your iPhone 7 Screen will flash white for a second, and you will also here camera shutter sound.
Yeah! You Have Taken Screenshot on iPhone 7

It will save the screenshot into your iPhone Photo library, just find and share will anyone, and also you can edit the screenshot captured on your iPhone as well.

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