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In this article, we will be talking about supersu which is a root access management tool that helps us in gaining permission for root access to the directory of the system.

Before knowing more about the tool, one should be clear about the term 'Root'.

Definition of Root -

Root is a process to gain access to the main system which helps one to do anything a user wants to do on the system. One wouldn't require different software such as VPS, hack based apps, etc. to access the core directory of the system.

SuperSu- Introduction

Coming back to Supersu, it provides features such as an option to choose theme, convert apps into system based apps which allows one to ease the process of functioning of the app, and much more. We can literally say that through this tool, one can redesign and choose the way to function his/her Smartphone.

Features of SuperSu –

1. SuperSU's greatest feature is that it ventures in where Superuser can monitor which apps you've allowed root permissions to, and will naturally concede those permissions again whenever you run that application (much like Superuser does.)
2. Then, you can simply go back and see which apps you've allowed root permissions to, renounce them, or perceive how oftentimes they utilize it.
3. You can even utilize SuperSU to briefly unroot your gadget, and the application even works when Android isn't legitimately booted, giving you an awesome device to troubleshoot issues if your phone is stuck in boot loops.
4. The instrument will likewise log how regularly those apps ask for root, regardless of whether they do as such out of sight, and even works even in recovery mode

One can download SuperSu through APK or TWRP recovery. We will be listing down the method in detail on the process of download.

Downloading SuperSu Through APK -

1) One can download the apk version of the SuperSU app apk by going into their own website.

2) If the device is not rooted, you won't be able to install the application by any mean

Downloading SuperSu Through TWRP Recovery -

1) Download and transfer the SuperSU zip file from the download interface above to your device's stockpiling.

2) Boot your device into TWRP recovery.

3) Tap on Install and select the SuperSU zip file that you transferred to your device in Step 1.

4) Subsequent to choosing the .zip file, do Swipe to Confirm Flash on the base of screen to start the glimmering process.

5) When SuperSU is flashed, you'll get Reboot System option, select it.

Conclusion -

1) Rooting the device or choosing any tool to root the device can cause a void to the existing warranty of the phone.

2) Since it causes void to warranty and other  small harms, the tool is not available to be downloaded on PlayStore.

3) In this article, we have talked about Rooting and its causes , and one the best tools to root a phone.

If you guys have any questions related to the tool or know a better tool to root a device, please leave a comment.


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