PayTM App Asking For ROOT Permission But Why?

paytm asking root permission

Banking and Payments applications are the ones which deny to work on devices with Root access. Many banking applications give you warning if your device is rooted, such as UPI app BHIM, whereas some apps don’t work at all if they detect root access on your phone. This is done to make sure that safety of your banking details isn’t compromised while you’re doing any transaction on your rooted device, since rooting is considered as harmful (and it can be, sometimes). But, what happened recently, completely shocked me. Something unexpected happened a day before.

I’m using a Xiaomi Mi A1 device which is a great phone. But the front camera performance on this phone was pretty average in my opinion So, I enabled root access on my device using the Magisk method. Magisk is a wonderful tool, developed by the folks at XDA. Since, Magisk is a systemless root method and OTAs are not affected, so I went ahead to root my new device. I installed Google Pixel 2’s ported camera app, which captures amazing Portrait Shots in Front as well as Rear Camera. I did not made any modifications on my device which needed SuperSU permissions because I do not wanted to break OTA updates as Mi A1 is an Android One device and get monthly updates.

One fine day, I launched the PayTm app to transfer money from my wallet to my bank account and after filling in the details when I pressed the “Proceed” button, a pop-up appeared on screen. Shockingly, it was a Super-SU pop-up asking for granting “PayTm” root permissions. I could not digest the fact that this happened. Generally, banking apps or payment apps warn you if you have root access, but this time it was asking for root access. I denied the root access at that moment to PayTm. Just to be on a safer side, I did not completed that transaction at that moment. I killed the PayTm app and rebooted my device. Then again I opened the app to do my transfer. This time, there was no pop-up. So, I completed my transaction.

This seemed unusual to me because I couldn’t figure out why that might be happening. Why a app like PayTm is asking for root permission and what could happen if I would’ve provided that root access at that time. I opened the Magisk Manager app also to check the SuperSu permissions. And this is what I saw there, i am trying to connect with PayTM dev team to know what is the matter with this, will update as soon as i get any response from them.

why paytm need root access

Though it can be seen that the toggle is off, meaning that PayTm is denied SuperSU rights, but it confirms that PayTm did asked for root access. It is nothing less than a mystery because it is exactly opposite of what happens. When apps like SBI’s freedom don’t work on rooted devices, PayTm is asking for root access.

This is the reason why rooting is considered harmful. If you’re new with these kind of stuff, have very less or no knowledge about rooting, then it is NOT recommended to root your device. You may even brick your device if something goes wrong (rare case though). If you are using a rooted device, then please be careful with granting SuperSU permissions to any app.

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