How To Lock Apps on Redmi Note 4, Redmi 3s & Other Redmi Phones

Lock App on Redmi

hello all, in today's post we are going to learn that how to lock apps on Redmi phones, like Redmi note 4, Redmi note 3, Redmi 4a, Redmi 3s prime and other devices, 
some of does not know that Xiaomi Redmi Devices comes with inbuilt App Lock Feature, so you do not need to Download any third party App Locker on Your Redmi Device to enable to App Lock.

So First Let’s Talk Why we  need this App Lock feature on our device, as we all know smartphones are for personal use only, the time has gone when whole family uses a single phone. now a days we it could be a bad example but we don't share our Underwear with any of our family members or friend, and also we never want to share our phone with them, but sometimes they try to break our privacy by browsing our phone.

That’s why we need an App Lock to prevent these unauthorized access of our phone. We can lock any system app or third party app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery, Messages, and Phone etc.

As I have told earlier there is no need to download any additional app to lock apps on Redmi Phones as they comes with Preloaded App Lock Feature.

Now Let’s Move on How to Enable App Lock on Redmi Phones

  1. Just Go To Settings
  2. Scroll to the Bottom and Click on App Lock
  3. Now if you are setting it for the first time, it could ask you to drag a Pattern or Pin or Password
  4. Just make this as you want, (You can also use Your Finger to Unlock Apps, on the Fingerprint Sensor Enabled Redmi Phone)
  5. Now After Making Pattern or Pin, Password, it will ask you to Select The App or Apps to be Locked.
  6. Just Select the Apps which you want to lock.
After that on the same screen where you have selected the apps for the lock, on the Upper Right Side, you will be able to see a Settings icon, just click on that.

Now Here you can see some setting of how you want to lock apps, the second option is Lock Settings, click on that and choose the option suited to you, but I would recommend you choose the options When Device is Locked or After Exiting App, which will lock your selected apps just after you exit from the app.

You can also enable Unlock with Fingerprint, to unlock the apps with fingerprint on Fingerprint enabled Redmi Phones.


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