[Fixed] Redmi Note 4 Not Booting into TWRP Recovery Mode

redmi note 4 recovery mode issue

As this problem is very common for New Redmi Note 4 users and Also for some Redmi Note 3 Users, that Redmi Note 4 is not Going to TWRP Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up+Power Button,

I have also faced the same issue with my redmi note 4, when I was Rooting my Redmi Note 4, and after I flashed the TWRP into my Redmi Note 4 Via ADB Folder, and then I was Pressing Volume Up+Power Button as this is the only Key Combination for booting into Recovery Mode in most of the Xiaomi Phones.

Here is the Guide That how to Root Redmi Note 4

The Phone was showing a USB Cable Plugging in Symbol and in the bottom its saying pcsuite.mi.com

And when I connect to the PC nothing happens just the USB cable which showing on the phone is getting connected, but the Redmi note 4 is not Booting into Recovery Mode anyhow.

So today I will provide you the solution of how to boot into TWRP recovery mode in Your Redmi Note 4,

But I request you to please try this method if you are on MIUI, but if you are on MIUI then don’t try this otherwise your phone will be go into bootloop,

But no worry I have already made a post of how to fix Redmi Note 4 if goneinto Bootloop.
And Now Start the Process of Booting into Recovery Mode on Redmi Note 4.

Note: For those whom Redmi Note 4 is Rooted and don’t want to read this boring Post, and just want to boot into Recovery Mode Here is the Command.

fastboot boot recovery-image-name.img

suppose your recovery image name is recovery-mido

Then the command will be like-
fastboot boot recovery-mido.img


  • All the Necessary Drivers installed on Your PC
  • Latest ADB Folder Download It from Here
  • Unlocked Bootloader

Note: if you have already Rooted your redmi note 4 and have adb folder and recovey file then you don’t need to download it again.

I have already placed the recovery-mido.img file into the adb folder, so after downloading the adb folder extract it and put the adb folder into the Root of your PC’s C:\ drive, something like this c:\adb folder,

Now open the the adb folder on your pc and press the Shift key and right click on some empty space on that folder so that you can get some options, now click on Open Command Window Here.
Now Boot Your Redmi Note 4 into Fastboot Mode By pressing Volume Down+Power Button Simultaneously for upto 10 seconds, now connect your redmi note 4 to the PC using USB cable.
Now to ensure that your redmi note 4 has beed detected by your PC type this command

 fastboot devices

After this it will show you some strings on a new line of command window that means your redmi note 4 has beed detected by the PC.

Now I am assuming that you device is Rooted, and you have installed the TWRP recovery but not able to Boot into Recovery Mode.

To Boot Into Recovery Mode You need to enter the Following Command on the command window
fastboot boot recovery-mido.img

That’s it Now wait till 10 seconds and your Redmi note 4 will Boot into TWRP by itself, now you can back up your device, Flash the SuperSU files and even you can Flash Custom ROMs on Your Redmi Note 4 Phone.


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