How to Turn off DATA For Any App in Redmi, Block Internet Access for Apps

restrict data usage on redmi

Today I am going to tell you that how can you Turn off DATA For Any App on All Xiaomi Phones like Redmi 2, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3s, Mi4i, Mi5 etc.
This will disable the functionality of using the internet for the particular app which you have selected on your Redmi Device.
Suppose Google + Android App or any other app is consuming a lot of data on your Redmi Phone
you can simply block Google + App to use your phones DATA or Wifi DATA, so after blocking that app it cannot be able to connect to the internet and consume your valuable data.
Now let’s get started to block internet for any app on Redmi phone. you can also track internet speed on redmi phones

Restrict Internet Access for Any App on Redmi

1.     Open the Security app on your device
2.     Click on DATA
3.     Click on Restrict Data Usage
4.     Now it will show you the app list.
5.     Just scroll to that app on which you are wishing to block internet.
6.     Click on Green Check Mark (it will get Red that means blocked)

You can see at the top two buttons Mobile and WiFi. That means which data you want to block Mobile Data or Wi-Fi Data, you can block both or just one it depends on you.
By this method you can actually save so much data on your Xiaomi device, the blocking is actually works as windows firewall by which we can block any app to use our internet.

As many android devices does not come with this feature Xiaomi Beats them all with this very useful method of saving data by unnecessary app. You can also track the data usage of any app on your Xiaomi device, so that you can analyze which of your apps consuming your data and just block them to doing this.

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