How To Take ScreenShot on Windows 7 & 8, Best And Easy Way

Hi There, Today I am Going to show you that How to Take Screenshot on Windows Screen or Capture Screen,  without Any third party application in an easy way with just Pressing Windows+S Button on your Computer.

taking screen shot on windows pc with windows+S key

The method I am going to tell you that will Capture Screen of  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7  and Windows 8, I am not sure whether it works on Windows 10 or not.

First of All I’ll tell you that what are the main benefits of taking screenshot of windows screen.

You can take the snap of any part of your screen by selecting that area and can paste it to anywhere you want, this is the best and easy method of taking screenshot on windows computer. It makes easier to capture screen on windows PC and paste it into the mail or Skype directly without editing it on the paint or any other software.

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How To Capture Screen in Windows 7 and 8

First of all open up Your Microsoft Office OneNote App on your PC.
Then Go to Tools and then Click on the Options.
Now in the options you will be able to see lots of options, just click on other on the bottom.
Then just check “Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the task bar” (if not checked by default) then press OK.

Now on any screen, any webpage you can select the part and can copy it by pressing Windows + S Button.
Just Press Windows + S Button and it will make your desktop screen a little white colored then select the area by mouse, it will select and copy that part and open up the OneNote App and will display you the Image of your selected Part of PC’s Screen.

Now there is no need of copying that image, as this feature takes the snapshot and copies it simultaneously.

Just Paste it By Pressing Ctrl+V any where you want, like on Gmail, on Outlook, on Skype, on paint, or Photoshop, it will display almost everywhere there Is possibility of pasting objects.

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I found this trick very helpful for me and, I am sure you’ll get use to of this once you use.

So that’s it for Taking Snapshot of windows PC without any third party app.

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