6 Unbelievable Facts About Moto C Plus

moto c plus facts

Moto C Plus the newest release of smart phone of Motorola line-up flagship. There are some pros and some cons of this smart phone but overall this could be a decent choice for general use. However, there are still so many people who find it confusing to choose Motorola.

The main reason for their confusion is the lack of Moto C Plus facts awareness in public. Unlike other smart phones, Moto C Plus is popular but very few people have actually studied or researched about the specs and features of this device and that is the main reason of confusion.

Even the Moto C Plus accessories like Moto C Plus covers seem to blend in the crowd. Of course, if you will search then you can find them but they don’t actually attract the attention of customers. That could also be the fact of this smart phone’s unique image.
Motorola’s marketing strategy has always been the same for all smart phones. The moto e back cover for Moto E also seemed blended in the crowd. So was the moto g2 covers because they were also almost out of the public sight unless searched.

6 Moto C Plus Facts

1. 4,000 mAh Battery: There were some battery issues in previous versions of mobile but now that problem is completely fixed in the new release. Now you will get the battery of 4,000 mAh capacity which will give you so many undisturbed hours to work on your smart phone without any battery worry.

This battery is also much more durable and trust worthy. In old versions, after using your phone sometime, there used to be some problems of battery damage or sometimes the battery used to drain too quickly without any reason. These were the problems that have been almost fixed in a new smart phone.

2. Complete Android Nougat: Now Moto C Plus will come with pure android nougat operating system and there will be advanced features integrated in it for users to enjoy using this newly released smart phone without any limitation.

There were some issues in the previous operating system. However, with android operating system, all bugs are fixed and even in case if there will be some bugs then regular updates will fix them so that you can use your smart phone without any bugs or problems.

3. Flipkart Sale: Moto C Plus was sold exclusively on flipkart. Most importantly, this was the only source available to buy this smart phone because Motorola launched it in the Flipkart exclusive sale on 20th and 21st June 2017. Flipkart sale was also offering complete range of Moto C, E, G, Z and moto x play flip cover.

Flipkart sale was a big opportunity for every single person who loves shopping and that was the time when Moto C Plus was on the highlight on Flipkart so that all the visitors can see it. This launch was quite effective and its results can be seen in the sales report of Moto C Plus.

4. Chunky and Heavy: This smart phone is chunky and heavy. This might be inconvenient for some people who don’t like heavy phones. However, this is also the reason that this smart phone is highly durable and trust worthy option for those who don’t change their smart phone too often.

Design of this smart phone justifies the chunkiness and heaviness of the device quite well. But of course, there is no alternative for those who don’t like it. That is not exactly something which will stop you from purchasing it because there are many other highlight factors of this phone which will attract you.

5. Good Performance: Android 7.0 Nougat is advanced and improved version of android operating system and that is why it is fast as well. Additionally, you will get 1/2 GB RAM and Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 processor that can give you assurance of much better performance than before.

In previous phones, people appreciated features but they find some lack of performance in it. However, this will not be a problem anymore because the company has integrated advanced technology in their newly launched smart phone that is capable of giving you good performance.

6. Basic Features: The limitation of features has been removed in this device. Now, you will find more and more features in it and updates will make your device even more useful from time to time. There are all basic features along with some advanced and highly impressive feature in this phone.

For example, you will get advanced features like geo-tagging, 1.12 µm pixel size, touch focus, panorama, face detection and HDR in Moto C Plus. These features will help you to get more than you expect from your smart phone.

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