How To Know an Android Device is Rooted or Not

how to know device is rooted or not

Hello Guys this post covers that how to find that the device you have just Rooted with using many methods is rooted or not, because Rooting is a process that takes time to find the correct files or methods for an individual android device, as i would like to tell you that rooting is depends on many thing like which android version you are rooting, which processor it has, is that Android ROM Custom or Stock Android, 
So these are only some facts you should know before rooting, there are many methods to get Root access on any android phone but you have to apply that specific method which your ROM supports, if not then you will not get the Root privilege.

If you are looking to Root the below devices then follow the guide to get Root Access on these.
But Today we are going to talk about How to Know whether a device is Rooted or Not. There are many ways by which you would be able to know that the device is rooted or not but i am showing you today the easiest one to you.

The best and easy way to find an android Rooted or Not is

Just go to Google Play Store and Download Root Checker App You can download it from here directly it is a Google Play store link.

Now just Click on Verify Root and it will try to read the file system to find out the Root binary is correctly installed or not, then it will show the results accordingly, like Your Device is Rooted, Your Device is Not Rooted

So that's it, you knew that Your Android device is rooted or not.


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