Hidden Tips and Tricks of All Xiaomi Redmi Phones

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Hello Guys, Today i will tell you some Hidden Tips and Tricks of Redmi Devices like, redmi 2, redmi 2 prime, redmi note, redmi note 3, redmi 3s and mi4i.

As we all know Xiaomi is the brand which is the fastest growing and becoming most reliable Android Smartphone Company, they produces the budget phone with tons of unique features which many big brands are not giving on even higher price, that’s the main reason behind the success of Xiaomi in India as well as on other countries too.

when they first launched the Mi3 they just shacked up the smartphone market and did not take so long to become the most trusted brand in India, they just changed the market and achieved the success with flash sale model, sometimes they disappointed many people who struggled to buy a phone and many of us are one of them who failed to buy a Redmi Phone on any Flash sale, like I have also failed many time to get a phone, but they continues to sale phone on the flash sale model and this is I think the second reason behind their success, 

As per today's post I am going to talk about some hidden tips and tricks of Redmi Phones, i thought that I should talk about the xiaomi a little bit. So that’s why I make the above two paragraph.

Now let's move on to the topic, some Redmi Tips and Tricks.

There are many tips and tricks available on the redmi devices we just need to find out the first trick i am going to share with you is.

Inbuilt App Locker: As many of us wants privacy on our smartphone, and try to hide some personal things or apps of our phone, we use many third party apps to protect our apps to prevent any misuse, xiaomi gives the best solutions by giving an inbuilt App Locker by which you can lock any particular apps by pattern or password to not allow any one from using that app, to do this you need follow the steps bellow. For (MIUI 8)

1.     Open Settings
2.     Scroll Down and Click on App Lock
3.     Now Select the Apps which you want to lock
4.     Click on Add Lock (on the Bottom)
5.     Now Make Your Pattern
6.     Now it will show you the lock Dashboard

That's it you have successfully locked the app on Redmi, You can Select or deselect the apps from this dashboard, the apps you have put on lock will ask for pattern to draw.

Show Data Speed: The Second Tips and Tricks of Redmi in this lineup is Showing Netword Speed or Data Connection Speed on the Status bar to analyze the Real time Network Speed, this is a really great trick for Redmi Users to get the info of the Data Speed on their Redmi Smartphone. Follow the Bellow Steps to Activate it.

1.     Open Security App
2.     Click on Data Usage
3.     Click on the Gear icon (Settings Icon) on the Top Right Side
4.     Now Enable Show Network Speed.

Restrict Apps to Use Data: The Third Redmi Tips and Tricks in this lineup is: Restricting apps From using your Data connection or WiFi Net, so the main benefit of this is when you are on a limited plan like you don't have so many GBs on your phones you can restrict apps which consuming your data to restrict app from using you data on Xiaomi Redmi Phones Follow the Steps bellow.

1.     Open Security App
2.     Click on Data Usage
3.     Now click on Restrict Data Usage
4.     Now Deselect app from the list (which you want to block from using net)

You can choose from mobile data or WiFi or both.

Private Messaging: The Fourth Tips and Tricks for Redmi Devices is: Private Messaging on redmi, you can use this trick to chat with someone privately, by using this trick you can lock any conversation you want. To do this follow the steps as bellow.

1.     Open Message App
2.     Now put a finger on the top and slide it down, at the middle you will see a lock but you need to slide it to the end, 
3.     This will open a private messaging inbox
4.     Click on Private Messaging on the Bottom
5.     And enable Require Password
6.     Make your desired password, and press back
7.     Now click on Add Private Contact

You can choose contacts from your contact list or type a no to make it private.
Some Additional Tips and Tricks for Redmi Phones

That’s it for now this will really help you if you have a Redmi Phone Like, redmi 1s, redmi 2, redmi 2 prime, redmi note, redmi note 3, redmi 3s, or mi4i these tricks will work on all redmi phones.


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