How to Remove Notch From iPhone X

Notch Remover For iPhone X

After the launch of iPhone 10 AKA i-Phone X, you might have heard a lot of jokes and memes, and many trolls about its cutting edge notch design on the top, many or i can say 90 out of 100 dislikes its new Notch design approach, but we all know that it has some amazing features as well, so if you are interested in Buying iphone X but the Notch is becoming a deal breaker for you then i have a solutions for this, in this post i will show you that how to remove the Notch from your Iphone X.

So to remove notch from your iphone X you will have to download an app called “Notch Remover” also its not FREE so you will have to pay $ 0.99 for this notch remover app.

Just buy it from app store and install it on Your iPhone X, Now Go to Settings >> Notch Remover >> Photos >> Read and Write, after this, open it up and Save the Wallpaper, now you will be able to use these wallpapers and and by scaling up & down you can add a black bar at the top, so that it will look like that there is no Notch,

remove notch from iphone 10

Basically it's just making a black bar at the top, which mixes with color of its hardware, to make this illusion that the Notch has been gone, but it will be there forever.

But There is a catch, that is this trick only works on the Home screen of the I phone X, if you will open any app it will be back, notch will be back.

It's just a simple trick to make your iPhone X look something in a way you want, but not a permanent solutions.

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