How to Transfer Content from iPhone to LG V30

LG V30 has recently launched all over the world and has already caught the eyes of Android users. Not to mention, a bunch of iPhone users has already switched to LG V30 because it is offering way more than an iPhone does at a very reasonable price. But in any case, if you are switching for iPhone to Android then there will be one crucial question about how to transfer content from iPhone to LG V30? Needless to say, no one likes an empty contacts list or empty inbox or no multimedia files to play with.
Well, you may stop worrying about that today because in this tutorial on our blog, we are going to expose few amazing tricks to transfer all data from iPhone to LG V30 effortlessly. The real issue with transferring data from iPhone to Android is that both smartphones uses different operating systems that are not compatible with each other. That’s why we are going to use few couple third party software to accomplish this task.
Method 1: With LG PC Suite
LG PC Suite is exclusive file managing desktop software available only for LG smartphone users. It connects all your LG devices together and helps to exchange data between smartphones. Please note, you can share multimedia files with this program and nothing else. Here’s how to use this program.
Step 1. Install the Windows or Mac version for LG PC Suite on your system and launch the software to see its main user interface.
Step 2. Next, connect both iPhone and LG V30 with PC using 2 separate USB data cables.
Step 3. When you devices are connected, you will be able to browse the Music, Videos and Pictures from the library. Select all the items that you wish to transfer and right-click on them followed by “Transfer to Device”.
Step 4. Select, your LG V30 as the destination location and transfer all the contents from your iPhone to LG V30.
  • Free to use.
  • Fast and reliable data transferring tool.
  • Can only transfer music, videos and pictures.
  • Cannot migrate contacts, messages, documents and apps.
Method 2: Transfer iPhone to LG V30 via iCloud
iCloud is a must have app for every Apple users to backup their entire phone to one safe location. Basically, if you have linked your iPhone with an iCloud account then it will automatically generate a complete backup of your device whenever you sync your device with it. You can further download the backup file from iCloud and restore all the files to your LG V30. However, there’s no direct way to extract data from iCloud backup, so we will be using MobileTrans to extract and transfer all the content from iPhone to LG V30.
Step 1. Download MobileTrans on your Windows or Mac computer and run the program after installing it to see its main user interface.
Step 2. Connect only LG V30 to PC with a USB data cable and choose “iCloud” icon from the home screen of the tool.
Tip: No need to connect iPhone if you are using MobileTrans as it can download the backup directly from iCloud.

Step 3. Click on “Sign in iCloud” and enter your iCloud login credentials directly inside the program. Do not worry; the program doesn’t save any account information, so feel free to authenticate the access.
Step 4. Download the most recent backup file from the list and choose all the data types that you wish to transfer.
Step 4. Finally, click on “Start Transfer” and copy all the data from your iPhone to LG V30.
  • Easy and reliable tool.
  • Restore from iTunes and iCloud.
  • Phone to phone transfer option available.
  • Transfer all kinds of data inclosing pictures, videos, music, documents, app, app data, contacts and messages.
  • Not a free tool, you will be required to register the program in order to migrate data from one device to another successfully.
Transferring content from iPhone to LG V30 can be incredibly challenging but with the tricks shared in our blog, you can easily achieve that task now. Leaving data on your old phone is not an option especially the contacts, images and personal messages. It is highly recommended that you create a regular backup of your phone every week to avoid any data loss in future. And if you decide to upgrade your phone again then at least you know how to transfer all the content from one device to another now.

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