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Hello guys in today's post I will be showing you 10 amazing tips and tricks for Xiaomi Mi A1 Device device, as you might know that Xiaomi has recently launched its flagship camera smartphone at a budget price of 15K,  so let's first discuss a bit about what specifications Xiaomi Mi A1 is offering to us.

The Xiaomi Mi A1device comes with a 5.5 inch full HD IPS display with a resolution of 1920x1080,  along with this  phone has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage which can be further expanded upto 128 GB using a microSD card,  but unfortunately Xiaomi Mi A1 device also comes with a hybrid sim slot, so you can either use one sim and one micro SD card or two Sim cards at the same time, the device runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor which is clocked at 2.02 gigahertz with 14nM FinFet technology which is a very power efficient chipset, the android version on this device is Nougat 7.1.2, and it will get updated very fast as xiaomi and google has promised, and now let's talk about the highlight of this phone, The dual camera setup, this phone has a dual camera setup at back side, so you can get some amazing portrait mode shots or you can say blur effect shots on this device, I personally really liked Mi A1's camera performance in bright lighting conditions but it disappoints a bit in low lights.

Now let's discuss about what are the 10 amazing tips and tricks for Mi A1.

1- Stabilize Videos : You might have noticed that Mi A1 is lacks any kind of video stabilization like OIS or EIS, when we shoot some videos we get a lot of shakiness which makes our videos terrifying, so to stabilize your videos, just shoot the video, open the Google photos app, select that video and you will find a settings icon down below,  just tap on that and it will display you a button named stabilize, just click on  stabilize  and it will process for some times ( depends on your video length), After that you would have to save that clip, and you will find great stability on your videos after following the above step,  now let me tell you one thing that this device feature is not Limited or not exclusive for Xiaomi Mi A1 deviced you can use this feature on any kind of smartphone which supports Google photos app, so this is a Google photos app feature.

2- Remove Data Access For Any App: I found this feature really helpful, there are many Apps whom do not need any Internet connectivity, but they do connect to Internet and shows some Rubbish ads on our devices, so kill the Internet connectivity for those kind of apps you can disable data for those apps, head over to settings then click on Data uses, Click on the three dots at top right side,  and you will find an option called app network access, just click on that and you will find the list of the apps and symbols of connectivity like WiFi and Mobile data, so you can disable the Internet access for any app you want, just make that connectivity symbol gray by taping on that icon,  and that app won't be able to access the Internet until you turn it green again.

Unlock Bootloader of Mi A1

3 - File Manager on Xiaomi Mi A1 : If you are using Xiaomi Mi A1 device right now then you would probably have faced or facing the issue of File Manager on your MI A1 device, unlike the MIUI we will not get any dedicated File Manager app by default, but we can download Mi File Explorer App for MI A1 device easily, The MIUI File Explorer is Now available on Google Play store so you can download Mi explorer app from here.

4 - Activate FM Radio on Mi A1 : FM radio antenna and Hardware are present on Mi A1 device but they have disabled it or we can say they have not provided any fm App so that we can just open that app and listen the FM Radio, so we need to play some tricks to be able to listen the FM radio on Mi A1 device, dial *#*#6484#*#* on your Mi A1 device, it will open hardware test mode, scroll down to the bottom and you will find an option named FM radio, just tap on that, and it will ask you to insert the headset ( if you haven't already), after that you will find backward and forward buttons on the screen along with default frequency, so use those button who set the frequency, I would like to tell you that it is 100% safe, And after sometime we can expect a dedicated FM app for Xiaomi Mi A1 device at least for India.

5 - How to show battery percentage on xiaomi MI A1 :  by default you will get battery percentage when your device is getting charged, but if you want to enable the battery percentage always then you have to enable the system UI tuner first, it's quite easy,
drag down the notification panel on your device, now press and hold the setting icon in the top right side ( for up to 4 seconds),  now release that button and you will find a message popping up on your device something like - system UI tuner has been activated on your device,  now go to settings scroll down to the bottom and you will find an option system UI tuner below the developer option, click on system UI tuner,  now click on status bar option shown over there, scroll down to the bottom and you will find an option battery,  just click on battery and tap on always show percentage, that's it
6 - Taking Screenshot : As this device runs on stock Android with an exclusive partnership with Google under Android one program, it does not come with any gesture support for taking screenshot,  so to take screenshot on this device you have to use hardware keys, press and hold volume down+power button simultaneously for up to 1.5 seconds and it will create a shutter sound and your screen will blink once, that means you have successfully taken the screenshot on your MI A1 device.

7 - Change Default Launcher : This device comes with a pixel kind of launcher named Launcher 3 based on AOSP,  so if you are not familiar with this, you can use any third party launcher like Nova Launcher or action launcher on your Mi A1 device, to set Nova Launcher as your default launcher,  just download it from Google Play Store, go into to settings, scroll down a bit and open apps, now you will find setting icon on the top right side, just click on that, now it will display options like permission, and also it will display a section default, To set Nova Launcher or any third party launcher for default, click on Home App, and it will show you a list of launchers you have installed on your device, just click on your desired one and Set that as a default launcher on your device.

8 - Xiaomi gestures :  Xiaomi Mi A1 device comes with some default gestures which can make user experience better, to enable gestures open up settings, scroll down a bit and you will find an option called gestures, now open gestures, and you will find two options to enable, first one is swipe for notification, which I personally liked very much, After enabling this option you can use your fingerprint sensor to pull down the notification bar, you can pull down notification bar and also push that up as well using your finger, and the second one is jump to camera option, enable it and you will be able to jump into the camera by pressing the power button two times.

9 - Font size and display size :  this device runs on Android nougat 7.1.2 so you can adjust your display size as well as font size, open settings, click on display, you will find all the display related settings over there, now just click on display size and resize it,  there are 3 states of the display size on it, small, default and large, I personally use small size, also you can adjust the font size on your system, click on font size and choose the size which you like.

10 - Show Data uses : Unlike the other MIUI devices Xiaomi Mi A1 device does not come with default data uses app, so to enable the data uses like showing network speed on the status bar, and which app is consuming more data, you need to download an app called Internet speed meter , head over to Google Play Store and search for "Internet speed meter" or you can download it from here, just install it and you will be able to see the real time data uses on your device on the status bar, also if you install the paid version of Internet speed meter then you will be able to see which app is consuming most of the data in the real time, I have purchased this app for 30 rupees.

that's all guys these are the 10 amazing tips and tricks for Xiaomi Mi A1 device, if you think that I have missed something, or if you are unable to understand or having any issue regarding this, then feel free to comment down below, and don't forget to subscribe AndroWide on YouTube and also follow me on social media.


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