How To Turn on Android Microphone Remotely

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What if you could listen to the gossips of your employees or could know what your spouse talks about you in your absence? Well, this is no more impossible. You can secretly listen to the conversations of your employees and your family even when you are far away from them.
The technology has made it practical to be virtually present anywhere and anytime. There are certain Android Spy Apps that let you track your family and business personnel and enable you to listen to their conversations, track their locations, and monitor their online and offline activities. These apps also let you control the Android mobile phone of someone and perform certain functions such as activating the microphone or camera of the device without accessing it to listen and record the happenings of the device user. This article discusses how you can remotely activate an Android phone’s microphone to listen and record the conversations of someone.
How Does Android Spy App Work?
First, download and install the spy app on the Android phone you want to monitor. For instance, if you want to spy on your spouse install the app on your spouse’s phone. You can also give an Android phone pre-installed with the spy app to your partner as a present. Once installed, the app automatically accesses all the data stored on the phone and uploads it to an online account. The data includes messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, internet browsing history and more. You can access the online account of the spy app from any device providing the username and password. If you want to read the messages of your spouse, you simply log into the online account and read the messages there. Same is the way to monitor the rest of the Android phone data of your partner.   
How to Turn On Android Microphone?
The android spy app lets you listen to the conversations of your employees, spouse and children using their mobile phones. You can send a command to their device to activate the microphone and let you listen to the surrounding voices and sounds. Given is the process to remotely turn on the microphone of the monitored phone using TheOneSpy app.
  • Log into the TOS account and scroll through the main menu to find the Bugging and then MIC Bug.
  • Tap on the red button in the top right corner to create a bug.
  • The next screen will ask you to choose the time for microphone activation. You can activate the microphone of the monitored phone for up to 30 minutes. Select the time and click on Send.
You can either listen the voices and sounds surrounding the monitored phone live, or get them recorded to listen to them later. You can also download the recorded file.
You can send multiple commands in the same way to prolong the voice recording. If your command fails to reach the monitored phone or the phone receives you command but fails to execute it due to poor internet connection or any other problem, you will be notified of it. You can see the status if the bug is complete, in-process or interrupted.
What are Other Features of Android Spy App?
The android spy app lets you track the mobile phones of your family and business in many other ways. You can remotely turn on the camera of the monitored device to see what is happening in surroundings. You can either take photos or record short videos using the back and front camera of the phone. These photos and videos help you identify where your target is and what is he/she doing. To remotely turn on Android camera click on Bugging and then on Live Snaps. Create Bug tapping on the red button in the top right corner and then send it. You can send a command to record videos by selecting Video Bug from Bugging and then clicking on the red button. Choose the time for video recording and select camera type i.e., front or back camera. You can also schedule the recording to record the phone surroundings after a certain time.  
You can monitor the internet use of your children and workers and can block unproductive and inappropriate websites. Meanwhile, you can monitor the social media and instant messaging apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, Telegram, Tumblr, Hike, Hangouts, WhatsApp, IMO, Line, Vine, Viber, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger. You can monitor all the social media chats, posts and friends and followers list. Moreover, the app lets you know the whereabouts of your children and remote employees tracking their mobile phones.

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