All That We Know About The Latest iPhone 8 So Far

The common topic all over the world these days is the September release of Apple’s Flagship iPhone – the 10th anniversary iPhone release from Apple. With a couple of more iPhones to accompany the iPhone 8 – the most important of the three iPhones – Apple will be releasing a whole line of new iPhones together this September. But with most of the focus being on latest iPhone 8, let’s discuss some ins and outs of the new iPhone.

The New iPhone 8 Design

iPhone 8 Design

With iPhone 8, Apple plans to offer a complete design overhaul and the most important of them all is the massive change in screen-to-body ratio of the new iPhone. As it appears, Apple is planning to increase the iPhone 8 display size for the new iPhone and we’re up for an end-to-end display with minimal bezel compared to previous models of iPhone. Other popular smartphone companies including Samsung, LG, etc. have already introduced similar designs and Apple is now catching up with them.

A major design change along with the introduction of a bigger 5.8” display in the upcoming iPhone is removal of Home button. The bigger display naturally calls for a virtual Home Button as there won’t be much space left on the phone’s front to accommodate a physical button. And it won’t just be that Home button which Apple will have to let go, it will also mean that there won’t be any Touch ID this time around on front of new iPhone. This will help Apple in slimming down the bezel of the new iPhone.

The illustrations that have been revealed lately, show that the new iPhone will come with small bezel projection at the top that will expectedly host 3D face recognition sensors. This also makes up for the inclusion of new facial recognition security feature in the new iPhone that Apple is referring to as ‘Pearl ID’. And addition of ‘Pearl ID’ seems pretty obvious as well after the removal of Touch ID.
The dummy versions show a new iPhone 8 with metal sides, glass back, and dual-camera. And, another design rumor for new iPhone is that it might come with a new color ‘Blush Gold’. But that’s not confirmed news yet.

The New iPhone 8 Specs

Among the many new things that are coming with new iPhone 8, there are quite a few changes made to the iPhone 8 Specs as well. Here we have tried to cover a few of them.

iphone 8 specs


We have already talked about the bigger display to make it to the new iPhone but what this bigger display will be like? Is it going to be the same old thing that we have had in the previous versions of iPhones? Or is there going to be something new? Well, all the news and rumors floating around suggest that Apple is introducing new OLED displays for its upcoming flagship model. And, as of now it is confirmed that OLED displays will only be there in the iPhone 8 and the other two iPhones will have same old LCD displays.

OLED screens usually have pixels producing light of their own which is not the case with conventional LCDs. So, these screens do not need any backlight and allow the displays to be power-efficient. Truer blacks can also be achieved by turning off individual pixels and it helps in widening color gamut as well as improving the dynamic range.


The new iPhone 8 will come with new SoC which we usually see in every incremental release from Apple. With iPhone 7 we had A10 chip and the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to feature A11 chip which is definitely going to enhance the overall performance of the new iPhone.


Talking about the camera and photography features, new iPhone will have dual-lens camera. And one evident change that is expected with the new camera is that the two lenses will have optical image stabilization features. In previous models, only wide-angle lens came with OIS and this thing is going to change now.

There are also rumors that the front cam will be a new, revolutionary one and will come equipped with 3D-sensing capabilities. With 3D-sensing, it will be able to determine the location and depth of items in 3D space and this will allow for AR capabilities to come in iPhones as well.

The New iPhone 8 Software

iPhone 8 Software

The WWDC 2017 saw many new announcements from Apple and one of the most important of all those announcements was that of iOS 11. And, the developer and public betas of iPhone are already out and being tested.

iPhone 8 is expected to come with the latest iOS 11 as well and it is almost confirmed now. And, the new software will, obviously, come equipped with many new features that will translate in increased efficacy of the new smartphone from Apple. Everything is getting an update in the new iOS and we expect something that will change the life of iOS users upside down. Be it Messages or the App Store, you’ll see a complete overhaul and the software will equip iPhone with plenty of new features.
So, it’s just the matter of less than a month now before the new iPhone hits the market. Consider all these feature upgrades that the new iPhone is coming with and decide for yourself whether it is worth a buy or not. We must say, at least give it a try and we’re sure you’ll love the new iPhone from Apple. 

Disclaimer: This is A guest post provided by James Barret

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