Finally, An App that Tracks Cell Phones Easily!

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Have you been wondering if you could find a way to get detailed information about places, your kids go to without your knowledge? There is a suitable app for this concern, and it not only provides detailed location history, it also provides date details for each visit. In fact, thanks to TrackMyFone, it can also send an alert to you to tell you immediately your kid enters or leaves specific venues. Take five minutes of your time to read my detailed TrackMyFone review. I hope it guides you about how to use its features to know everything you need to know about your kids.

What is TrackMyFone?

This is a new-age monitoring app. It empowers users who can be parents or employers, to keep a close eye on their targets. It is an ideal app for parents whose kids stay out of home all day or who are out of control. TrackMyFone, as a parental control app, enables safety check on teenagers and workforces by providing real-time location updates.

What makes it different?

What makes this app different from all others is that you don't have to use it secretly. You can simply tell your kids and employees that you will be watching. However, in extreme case where it is necessary to monitor people without their knowledge, you can still use this app as long as you use it responsibly. The app can collect information about all kinds of activities on the target device (smartphones, tablets, iPad, and iPod) and upload it to your dashboard. Then, you can use the dashboard from your browser by simply logging into your personal account on the control panel. You can read other TrackMyFone reviews that have detailed descriptions of the dashboard, or try the live demo on their website.

Summary of how it works

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To locate your target person, you don’t have to follow a long or complicated process. Simply log into your control panel and start clicking on different tabs for each feature on the dashboard. A simple click shows every detail you need. Including text message conversations, emails, browser history, installed apps, IM chats (on WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, Viber, Facebook messenger or KIK). You can simply click on "Location" tab and see a list of places visited with date and time stamps. Since the app represents the information using Google maps it is easier to understand.

If you feel there is the need to take screenshots to serve as a backup when you talk to your kid or employees about your concerns, you can do that remotely. TrackMyFone offers other remote control features like the ability to lock the device, block contacts, block installed apps, and in extreme cases wipe off all data on the device.

When you log into your control panel, you will see a concise summary of all recent activity in a summary. This helps you get an instant update. You can always customize your preferences from the settings. You can get alerts for different features too.

The best part about TrackMyFone is that installing and using the app is very easy. You can add different mobile devices and keep track of all of them. Now, tracking cell phones and other mobile devices is not difficult anymore. Keep protecting loved ones and your business, and stay calm.

Disclaimer: This is a Guest Post provided by Amanda Jordan.

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