Problems in Moto G4 Plus | Common Issues on Moto G4 Plus

problems in moto g4 plus and solutions

Moto G4 Plus is one of the best Smartphone in the mid-range budget category, has a lot of good features, but today we are going to dig a bit and explore some common issues of Moto G4 Plus,

There are many problems in Moto G4 Plus and they all are common, so today we will be discussing about those issues on Moto G4 Plus.

But Before we start, lets first discuss about what features we get on Moto G4 Plus, so here comes the list, the moto G4 Plus comes with a 5.5” Full HD Screen Protected By Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and has a Screen Resolution of 1920x1080, Comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 Octa-Core Processor along with Adreno 506 GPU, the battery in 3050 mAh Non Removable, Fingerprint Sensors are there, and the main features are a 16 MP Rear Facing PDAF Camera which is the best in the budget as mine & others opinion also has a 5 MP Front Facing Camera, and it supports Turbo Charger, so you can charge Moto G4 Plus up to 50% in just 25 Minutes.

But The Issues and Problems in the Moto G4 Plus are also has a list, here I will describe all the issues on Moto G4 Plus as per my experience, I am using this phone from last 5 months, and have analyzed some pretty common and major bugs and Problems in Moto G4 Plus.

I will also describe some Solutions of some of these issue of Moto G4 Plus and Moto G4 Device which works for me.

Some Common Issues on Moto G4 Plus

  1. Overheating issue on Moto G4 Plus
  2. Display problem - Screen Burn In on Moto G4 Plus
  3. Moto G4 plus charging issue ("ghost touch")
  4. Moto G4 Plus Turns off During Incoming Calls
  5. Battery Drains Too Fast in Moto G4 Plus
  6. Moto G4 Plus Rear Camera Glass Scratches

1-Overheating Issue on Moto G4 Plus: This issue on Moto G4 Plus is Very Common as every Moto G4 Plus User may have faced this issue, when phone is charging it’s obvious that the device could get Heat because Moto G4 Plus Supports Turbo Charger, which Troughs the Power into the battery in a high Density that makes Moto G4 Plus Hot During Charging, but The Heating Issue Continues when Your Use the Camera on Moto G4 Plus, when you use the camera for 3 to 4 minutes, you will be able to start feeling Heat on the Back Side, also if you play some games for upto 5 to 10 Minutes You will find that Your Moto G4 Plus is Heating Up.

Solution: As Overheating during Charge is Obvious You Don’t Need to worry, but during camera usage and gaming, I can just say open the camera app only when you have to click an image and close the app just after taking the image. Yaah I Know What are you thinking…but this is the only solutions as of now.

2- Display problem - Screen Burn In on Moto G4 Plus: This is not That common issue for Moto G4 Plus Users but I have seen many of us are facing this issue too on their Moto G4 Devices, So when this issue comes, you will be able to see many icons Like Network, Wi-Fi Icon, Notification Icons showing Their Shadow, when you pull down the Toggle Bar of Moto G4 Plus. Sometimes you will even notice any video’s shadow on Your Screen of Moto G4 Plus which you have recently played on Your Device.

Solution: As per my experience, I have tried some apps to get rid of from this issue on Moto G4 Plus, but nothing works for me, so I decided to go to service center and they told me to replace the Screen of My Moto G4 Plus, so I have submitted the device to the service center and I am waiting for my phone to come back.

3- Moto G4 plus charging issue ("ghost touch"): This is also not a really common issue but many have reported on the Lenovo community and also I have heard from one of my friend saying this issue on his Moto G4 plus Device. Whenever he charge the device, during charging the touch does not work, it functions on its own, he was unable to answer the calls, calls get disconnected automatically, when I get a call and try to answer the notifications bar scrolls down from top, it works weird. He has tried with other chargers as well but facing the same problem. Otherwise it works well. But during the course of charging it is weird and touch is out of my control.
This is what one of my friend told me about Ghost Touch Problem on Moto G4 Plus.

Solution: Visit Your Nearest Service center and ask them to resolve the issue.

4- Moto G4 Plus Turns off During Incoming Calls: This is also a very common problem in Moto G4 Plus, as I have also Faced this Issue on One of My Moto G4 Plus Device, when somebody calls you, Your device will get switched off by its own, and you cannot even able to know that who was calling you, so this is a very big issue, and I visited the Motorola Service Center and they told me that this is a hardware bug, (Probably Battery Issue), so it seems that we need to change the battery of this device.
Solutions: Visit Your Nearest Moto Service Center and tell them the Problem, and they will ask you to submit the phone, just submit it and

5- Battery Drains Too Fast in Moto G4 Plus : This is Also a very common problem in Moto G4 plus Devices, I also faced this one, when I charged my phone to 100% and Battery was draining like hell, from 100% to 5% it taken only 60 Minutes, I faced this issue and googled it, so I found a post where the author has told that this battery draining issue on Moto G4 Plus Could a Battery calibration issue, which could be fixed by using a low voltage power charger, so I used a 1 Ampere Power charger instead of Moto’s own Turbo charger for 3 to 4 times and charged my device fully, and discharged fully, I have done this 3 to 4 times then this issue on Moto G4 Plus was Solved.

Solutions: as I have told in the use a low voltage power charger on Your Moto G4 Plus to get rid of this problem on Your Moto G4 Plus.

5- Moto G4 Plus Rear Camera Glass Scratches: This is not a common Problem, instead we can say this is a universal problem on All Moto G4 Plus Phones, because they have not provided any distance between Camera Glass and the surface where you put the phone, on your table or any other place, so when the camera glass will be scratched by its own, (By Putting Your Phone on Table), you will find all the images looking Blurry, and You will not be able to get a good image or video on Moto G4 Plus.

Solution: Use A Backcover on Moto G4 Plus to Make a proper Distance Between Camera Glass and The Surface so that you can avoid those Scratches on Camera Glass of Moto G4 Plus.

I have covered some common problems of Moto G4 Plus Device, but I missed something or if You Are Facing any other issue on Your Moto G4 Plus Then Feel Free to discuss here, You Can comment issue of Moto G4 Plus and i can try to give you a solutions if it is possible for me.

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