Moto G4 Plus Turns off Automatically on Receiving Incoming Call

Moto G4 Plus Incoming Call Switch Off issue

Hello Guys as we all know Lenovo Owned Moto G4 Plus is a Very Good Device in terms of Features and Pricing, but it has some very common bugs, one of them is Moto G4 Plus Turns off Automatically on Receiving Incoming Call, so when we get an incoming call on our Moto G4 Plus Device just after the phone starts ringing the Moto G4 Plus Goes off automatically,

And even worse thing is that if you miss to see the screen on the ring time then you will never know that who was the caller of that call because the Incoming call will not be included in the Call Register.

Also in this situation Battery was draining Like Bullet Train, after The Full Charge Whole Battery was draining in just about 1 to 1.5 Hours.

So I am going to try some solution of this Bug Moto G4 Plus Turning off Automatically on Incoming Call.

As I also faced the same issue on my Moto G4 Plus just after 3 month of purchasing the phone, so I was confused and I was unable to identify weather this one is a Software Bug or Hardware Issue on Moto G4 Plus. But I have analyzed this one and marked as a mixed software and hardware bug,

When I faced this issue, I also started googling and searching this issue and the fix of Moto G4 Plus Turns off During Incoming Calls, but all I found that does not worked for me, now I would like to let you those fixes which not worked for me to fix this issue on moto g4 plus phone.

First I have done Factory Reset my Moto G4 plus and analyzed that the problem of Automatic Switch off on Incoming Calls are still there on My Moto G4 Plus,

Then I Tried Clear Cache after one Day, that also not worked for me, then I thought to visit a Motorola Service Center, but somehow I was unable to get time to visit service center and started thinking that what can fix this problem.

Then I tried this thing which worked to fix the problem of Automatic Switch off during Incoming Call in Moto G4 Plus.

First Let’s Explain what I found in my observation, the reason behind this problem, as per my observation was Battery Calibration, somehow the battery is not getting calibrated to the phone that was causing this problem.

How to Fix Moto G4 plus Turns off Automatically on Receiving Incoming Call

As I have analyzed that battery is not working properly, so I used one low power charger to charge my Moto G4 Plus, as we all know Moto G4 Plus comes with Turbo Charger which throws the power in a fast flow to charge the battery in the less time.

So I used a 1 Amp Charger of My Redmi 2 Device, I plugged my Moto G4 Plus on the charging in the night and charged it for full night even after full charge I did not removed it from the charger.

Now in the second day, I used my phone for full day and waited to drain the whole Battery then again I put My Moto G4 Plus on Charging with My Redmi 2 Phone’s Charger for a whole night,

I repeated this method 3 time and I started charging with original Moto G4 Plus Charger and now my Moto G4 Plus is Receiving calls without Turning off.

I am not pretty sure that whether it will work for you or not, but I would recommend you to try it once if you have enough warranty time. This also solved the Battery Draining Issue on Moto G4 Plus.

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