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google assistant on lenovo k6 power

Hello and welcome guys in today's post I am going to show you that how to enable Google assistant on Lenovo K6 and Lenovo K6 Power or any other device running on Android Marshmallow 6.0 Android nougat 7.0 and above.

As we all know that Google assistant is one of the best example of artificial intelligence and its way better than Google Now, Google Assistant has brought some exciting features like contextual conversation, Self-learning and many more exciting features.

Enabling Google Assistant on Lenovo K6 Power is Very Easy, you can enable Google Assistant on your Lenovo K6 Power in just About 5 minutes without having root permissions and I would like to say that this Google Assistant is an official version, and works perfectly on any Android Marshmallow Android Nougat device.

How to enable Google Assistant on Lenovo K6 Power
So let's begin to enable Google Assistant on Lenovo K6 Power you need to follow the below steps.

Open settings>> language & input >> language.
Now just select English United States, you need to select only one language English United States if you have already selected multiple languages like English United kingdom English India then only choose English United States.

Now visit the following two links, to become a beta tester of Google Play services and Google app, as of now you need to have a beta tester in addition to use Google Assistant on your Lenovo K6 Power device in India.

Now or after opening these links on your browser make sure that you have logged in with the same Google account by which you have logged in on your Lenovo K6 Power device.
Now click on become a tester button on the both Google Play services page and Google app page.

After clicking on become a tester you will receive an update on Google Play Store Google app and also for Google Play services,  after updating do these things on your Lenovo K6 Power you will find that Google app is now showing you that you are now up beta tester.

as I am using Google app from last one year I have never find any bug on the beta program of Google Apps so please don't worry this I app works perfectly without having any issues.

Now after following these steps just reboot your Lenovo K6 Power device once, and press and hold the home button on your Lenovo K6 Power phone.

Yaaah, that’s it you will find the screen saying that new! Just got the Google Assistant, and a button of continue, just click on continue and one more time you will be able to see a screen showing continue, just click again and voila.

Now it’s time to use Google Assistant on your Lenovo K6 Power device without having any issues,
This method is applicable on all devices running on Android Marshmallow and Android nougat, as I have succeed on multiple devices.

I have been able to Google Assistant on my moto G4 Plus Redmi Note 4 Redmi Note 3 and one more device trying on Android Marshmallow where my moto G4 Plus is running on Android nougat 7.0.

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