How To Disable Automatic App Update in Google Play Store

Turn off Automatic App Update in google play store

Android is the most used Mobile Operating System in this world, don’t think I should remind you about this, but today I am going to talk about how to disable automatic app update in google play store from Xiaomi Redmi Phone Like : Redmi note 3, Redmi 2 Redmi 2 Prime, Mi5 and other Android Devices, this will work for all Android Phones because the method is same on all android devices, as we all know that android play store has almost billions of app and they all are so useful when it comes to our uses, but some time they eat out data like anything, they start updating without any prompt and it cause Data loss for us.

But today I’ll be telling to turn off automatic update for google play store app for any android phone.

So let’s get started to Disable Automatic App Update from Google Play Store

1.     Open Your Google Play Store App
2.     Tap on Top Left Menu Key
3.     Scroll Down and Click on Settings
4.     Click on Auto-update apps
5.     and Choose Do Not Auto Update Apps

That’s it, now you can update manually which app you actually wants to update and when you need to update it.
Now if you want to get notified when an update for any app is available then scroll down and Tick the box saying App updates Available.
So if you find this data saving tips helpful just share this with friends to let save their data too.
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Watch This Video of the Same Process

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