Redmi Note 5 PRO Indian Vs Chinese, What's The Difference

redmi note 5 pro indian vs chines

Xiaomi has always been known for making High-spec devices and selling them at really affordable prices. This formula has worked pretty well for them as IDC declared Xiaomi India as the No.1 Smartphone selling company in Q4 2017. Last month, they launched the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro, the much awaited upgrade. But Xiaomi always fiddled around with the names of the devices between India and their home country, China. The Redmi Note 4 launched in China had a MTK Chipset inside, later they launched a QualComm version named as Redmi Note 4X, which was sold in India as Redmi Note 4. This device was a huge seller for the company and sold close to 10 Million units as per the company claims.

The same happened yet again. The Redmi 5 Plus launched in China was launched in India as Redmi Note 5. Same specifications, same design. But they, also launched a Pro version of the same. This was the main upgrade from the previous generation Redmi Note 4. Redmi Note 5 Pro became a huge hit instantly in the Indian market as it boasted of some great specs and a really good price. The demand of the phone is so high that people are having a really hard time trying to buy it. It became so bad that there was a significant outrage against the company for the flash sales that the company conducts every week for selling the phones.

A few days back, Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 5 Pro (India) in China as the Redmi Note 5. Its not only the name which has changed but also few other things. Yes, these both devices are identical in terms of design but there are some changes in the Camera setup. Both the phones sport 5.99” FHD+ display, QualComm Snapdragon 636 Chipset. The cameras are same for the most part at 12MP + 5MP at the rear, BUT, the apertures are different. The primary 12 MP camera on the Rear, has an aperture of f2.2 with the pixel size of 1.25microns in the Indian variant, whereas the Chinese variant has a wider f1.9 aperture and pixel size of 1.4microns. This means that the Chinese variant can capture more light in low lighting conditions and can take take better photos with more bokeh. But the front shooter in the Indian version is a 20MP sensor whereas the Chinese variant has a 13 MP shooter only. That might be because of the selfie craze amongst Indians these days. Also, the Chinese variant has Dual VoLTE Dual Standby too.

Dual VoLTE Dual Standby is a technology which enables to use two VoLTE SIM cards simultaneously. This feature was must needed in India due to Jio’s VoLTE services and other operators such as Airtel and Vodafone are too, rolling out VoLTE. If you have this option in your phone, and say you are using a Jio SIM (VoLTE) and any other SIM (non-VoLTE), then you can switch you the Non-VoLTE SIM to use 4G data on that SIM and still being able to take calls from the Jio SIM. In the current scenario, if you switch your data to a non-Jio SIM, the chosen SIM is given the highest priority, i.e. 4G and the Jio SIM is considered as secondary, capping it to 3G only. Jio being a 4G-Only network, loses the network in that situation. This feature is a must needed option in Indian phones.

Also, the Indian variant starts at 4GB + 64GB whereas there is a cheaper variant in China which has 3GB + 32GB memory. The 3GB variant in India doesn’t make sense because the Redmi Note 5’s 4GB variant is priced the same. So the company would not want to cut down on the sales of it’s own product.

What might be the Reason behind these changes?

Well, we don’t have any official statement from Xiaomi yet, but what we can speculate is that the phone was customised for India and China separately. The Indian version has a better 20MP front facing camera because the company wanted to compete with the selfie-centric smartphones in the Indian market and Indians’ growing love for selfie. This might have led to cut down on the other things to keep the cost down. While in China, they cut down on the front Camera to provide a larger aperture and pixel size with Dual VoLTE. China already had the Redmi 5 Plus, so they launched the 3GB variant too of Redmi Note 5 to keep the starting prices low.

Can you get any of these?

Well, maybe. The camera cannot be changed as it is a hardware and the aperture size will remain the same. But, the Dual VoLTE Dual Standby could make its way to the Indian devices as well via OTA, IF the company has not disabled the module itself. If the module is enabled on the Chipset, but disabled on the software, then it might be possible.


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