[Solved] Fastboot Mode Driver Issue

fastboot driver issues on mi a1

Android, being an Open source OS, opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the users as well as the Developers out there. It gives you so many options of customization built in, and if not built in, then you always have launchers and other stuff so that you can customize the way you want. But, you always have limitations. You need root access if you want to get the complete access of your device, and control it the way you want. Enabling root access gives you so much control over your device that you can completely change the software part of your device.

If you too, want to explore your device, then there are a few pre-requisites. You need an Unlocked bootloader, Custom recovery (not necessary though) and some spare time, of course. But, even if you are willing to go ahead and do all this, you still might face an issue, which is Drivers. Most people face this issue whenever they try to Unlock bootloader, root their device or any sort of activity which requires your Mobile device to communicate with your PC in order to accept commands from the adb interface.

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It is a versatile command-line tool that lets you communicate with a device on your PC. This is a bride which interacts with your device in the fastboot mode so that you can give commands to your device. You need proper drivers installed in order to access this functionality.

Most people think that if they connect their device to the PC as a “Media Storage” and if it gets recognized, then the drivers are installed. Well, those drivers work particularly for the Media access only and not for ADB. So, you need proper ADB drivers installed to access your device in fastboot mode.

If :
Your device is not recognized in fastboot mode
You can’t flash or boot any recovery image
You’re stuck in a procedure which is using fastboot mode
You see an “!” sign in Device Manager of your PC on your USB device

Then the solution to all the above problems is these two following Drivers:

-          ADB Driver
-          Android Drv Setup

You need to install both these drivers in order to get your device working in the fastboot mode. If either of them is missing, you may face difficulties in using the ADB interface. After installing both these drivers, restart your PC. Now connect your device, and check the Device Manager in your PC and boot your phone into fastboot mode, Your device will be recognized and now you’re good to go.
If you still face any problem, do let me know in the comments.

Note : Rooting your device isn’t a noob’s play. It is a risky procedure and you can even brick your device if you mess it up. So, it is not recommended unless you are familiar with all these things.


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