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apps getting killed automatically

In today's post I will be showing or actually describing A very known issue on Android phones or some custom Android ROMs like Resurrection Remix, the problem is apps are getting killed automatically in the background, so if you are using any Download Manager like you are using UC Browser and downloading any movies or any other thing your UCBrowser will be killed automatically so your download will be stopped,
So I came here with the solution of how to avoid apps being killed automatically in Resurrection Remix rom or any android phone.

Resurrection Remix ROM is one of the best custom ROMs available for Android, it comes with a lot of customisation options and has a very handy stock Android experience, if I say sometimes I found it way more better then cyanogenMod OS or any other custom Android ROM,

Right now I am using Resurrection Remix ROM on my Redmi Note 4 but when I put any download in the apps like UC Browser I find the UC browser is being killed automatically so all my downloads get paused, so manually I have to reopen the app and resume the download, I get frustrated many times and tried to find out a way to avoid this.

So finally I found a way by using that I can avoid apps being killed automatically in the background on any android device, here is the process.

How to Stop Apps From Being Killed Automatically in Android

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Click on the Settings icon on the Top Right Side
  • Scroll Down and Click on Special Access
  • Now Click on Battery Optimisation
Now it will show you a list of apps which not optimised or you can say these apps will not get killed automatically, so now you have to do the process as below.
  • Click on not optimised
  • Now Select All Apps
  • Now Tap on the App which you want not be optimized or killed automatically
  • Now Select don’t optimise and done.
Now The app you have just selected for not to be optimised will work in the background, so if you have set any downloads or any app which you don't want to be stopped automatically on your android device this will help you to achieve this.

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