How To Enable Tethering Wi-fi Hotspot in Android

Sharing your internet bandwidth is the great idea if you having an unlimited Data plan, by using the Tethering you can share your data over the wifi.
it's a very common feature in all android devices,

Here is the step by step guide to enable tethering and portable hotspot in your android phones,
To do this first go to your system settings then you will find the first segment of settings, its Wireless and Networks, click on the More button it the bottom of this segment,
then 2 or 3 options will be render in front of you, you have to select Tethering & Portable Hotspot.
now just enable it by pressing the keys.

however you can make it secure for getting misused of it.
click on the Set up Portable Hotspot.
now you have an option to give it a Name just click on SSID and rename it as you wish and then click on the security to make wifi hotspot password protected, now just choose WPA PSK and enter a password which you want to be entered whenever anyone wants to get connected with your wifi network.

Thats it you can now share your internet plan to other wi-fi enabled devices.
Note : Try this if you have an unlimited plan, otherwise you may lost all you data very quickly.
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