What Is WiFi Calling? What are its benefits and why its the Future!

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is a path-breaking technology that allows customers to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network using their existing Jio phone number.

How Wi-Fi Calling Works

When Wi-Fi calling is turned on or enabled in your mobile tool, all of the Wi-Fi networks that the device connects to do the work that would in any other case be handled by cellular smartphone towers. Wi-Fi calling permits you to make awesome cellphone calls (and send texts and other media) to those who are related to a Wi-Fi network.

Placing a Wi-Fi name it’s just like placing a normal cellphone call. There is no want to log in, and typically no need to apply an app to get the job done.

Benefits of Wi-Fi calling are:

  • Use the strongest network to make uninterrupted calls - whether it’s Wi-Fi or mobile network
  • Make and receive calls with Wi-Fi using existing Jio phone number
  • Helps connect in case of signal issues in remote areas or cellular-dark zones of a building
  • It’s included at no additional charge. All you need is an existing voice plan and an HD voice compatible device
Note: To Check compatibility to your device please visit the below links

Who is eligible for Wi-Fi calling? 

In order to be eligible for Wi-Fi Calling, you need to:
  • Have a smartphone that is Wi-Fi Calling capable
  • Have an active carrier tariff plan

How much does Wi-Fi calling cost? 

  • The Wi-Fi Calling feature is available at no additional charge and is included as part of your existing voice plan
  • Wi-Fi calls to international numbers are billed as "International Calls" (also known as ISD calls)

How to enable Wi-Fi Calling? 

  • First switch Wi-Fi calling feature ON your Wi-Fi calling capable handset by going to settings.
  • Then, connect to a Wi-Fi network and enjoy Wi-Fi calling anywhere in India
  • For a seamless experience, you should keep both VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling switched on.

How do I make Wi-Fi calls? 

  • Once you set up Wi-Fi Calling, you will have to follow the same process as traditional voice calls
  • Your phone will automatically toggle between Wi-Fi and cellular network to provide you a seamless call with the best experience.

Advantages of WiFi Calling:

Why would you select to call through the net rather than placing an everyday cellular call? There are many benefits to using Wi-Fi to position phone calls rather than exploitation of your mobile phone plan minutes.

Free Calls anywhere you'll Access Wi-Fi

You can use Wi-Fi calling any time that your phone has a Wi-Fi signal. which means although you haven’t bought your service and can’t create regular calls, anytime you're at a location with an open Wi-Fi association, you'll generally go browsing to the net and use Wi-Fi calling instead.

Better Quality Voice / Audio

LTE voice sounds such a lot higher than ancient cellular technology as a result of it uses the technology that wireless carriers are upgrading for the last many years: the phone’s association to the net.

Beat Poor Cellular Reception

Wi-Fi calling provides a possibility for families and people who live in areas with poor cellular reception. If they need Wi-Fi, they'll bypass the cellular network and create phone calls exploitation their Wi-Fi web association, as long because the alternative party is connected to Wi-Fi or LTE, too.

No Roaming Charges

Wi-Fi calling is nice for overseas travelers as a result of there’s generally no roaming or international charge for creating calls or causing texts back home additionally, Wi-Fi calling is free aside from information usage which suggests that you just will use it abroad and avoid paying additional for international calls


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