[How-to] Hide Online Tag in WhatsApp [NO MODS]

Have you ever thought of chatting with someone by avoiding the online tag in WhatsApp?
if yes, then you came to the right place :)
In this article, I'll tell you a small trick that hides the online tag in WhatsApp and that too with NO MODDED apps.

let's get started!

There are many ways for hiding online tag in WhatsApp, some are risky as the user need to install separate modded WhatsApp to achieve.

The method that I'll show now is secure and you don't need to install any third-party WhatsApp apps!

How to hide online tag:

1- download and install the DirectChat app from the below link. Open DirectChat.

2- it'll ask to permit some permissions. therefore you need to allow all the permissions directly.

3- first grand notification permission. this is the most needed step for the app to figure properly.

4- visit the Apps section. choose and enable the WhatsApp choice.

5- that’s it. currently, you're able to hide online standing on WhatsApp.

More Features of the App:

(1) ChatHead Support for all apps.

(2) Privacy Mode – browse and reply to any or all your messages while not going surfing and conceal your last seen!

(3) MultiWindow/MultiTasking – you'll Chat over the top of any whare on screen!

(4) DND Mode – you'll Pause the ChatHead Service anytime and stop receiving its notification.

(5) Blacklist Apps – Disable ChatHeads service on certain apps

(6) Blocked Users – Disable ChatHeads service for certain users.

(7) Lockscreen support – Chat directly from the lock screen for any messaging app.

Author: Manitej Pratha 
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