How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp

Dark Mode is the new rage, every app is implementing its own version of dark mode from facebook to google everyone is implementing it. Its so popular that even Google and Apple included system wide dark mode in 
their operating systems. while all apps not yet supported this theme, Google has given an extra option in android developer settings to enable dark mode forcefully. 
Whatsapp has over 1.5 billion active users in the world and it is the most used messaging app , many users are still waiting for its dark theme but WhatsApp has not officially rolled out it to users . Even the force dark 
theme option in android 10 doesnt affect WhatsApp. In this tutorial lets see how to enable Dark mode in whatsapp for devices running android 10 or color os 6.

What is Dark mode and what are its benefits ?

Dark mode is a user interface for content that shows light text on a dark background. Dark mode is especially useful for those viewing mobile device screens at night. The reduced brightness can reduce eye strain in low light conditions. Dark mode can also be used as a battery saver as it saves the battery by turning off the pixels of OLED or AMOLED screens.

How to enable dark mode in whatsapp ?

To enable  dark mode in whatsapp your device must be either a oneplus phone running android 10 or realme phone based on color os 6.

To enable dark mode on WhatsApp and other unsupported apps, all you have to do is enable Developer Options on your Android 10 device, and then scroll down to the “Override force-dark” setting and enable it. 

If you use a realme phone based on color os 6 then you will have an option to apply a dark color system on third party apps , to do this head over to settings and go to dark mode option and click on Dark mode for third party apps and enable whatsapp . Thats it , Now you can enjoy the dark mode in WhastApp.

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