How to Install Gcam on Mi A3 :[APK download]

So, if you are planning to get yourself a Mi A3, I bet you would go around looking for the best Google Camera mod for the device. Well, let me help you out and put an end to this search before it starts off. Find attached below a working GCam mod link, steps to install the mod.


Since the Release of Google Pixel Devices, Google Delivers Pre-Installed Stock Camera App which Produces Great Quality Images on Pixel Devices. Although they have only One Camera at the Back, Google Camera works like Charm and Produces Photos which are better than flagships like Apple iPhone XS. So, what’s the Secret? All about the High-Quality Images depends on the Optimization of Google Camera which has a Great AI Optimization.
As this is done through software we can do this in other Android mobiles too. So let’s get into the tutorial.

There is one limitations that if you want to use google camera on your android device, your device must support Camera 2 API, and thankfully xiaomihas given Camera 2 API on Mi A3 out of the box, so no worry for that.


1. First of all, you need to Download Google Camera Working APK for MI A3
2. Go to the Download link given below
Gcam for mi a3

3. Now, Simply Install the APK. Just like we install any third party application.
4. after the successful Installation. Simply launch the Google Camera.
5. Allow permission to the Google Camera. That’s it you are good to go now. Enjoy Google Camera and capture some amazing portrait shots, HDR shots, Night Sight shots etc.


-HDR+ Enhanced
-Portrait mode
-Photo booth
-Night Sight


Although GCAM is taking some good shots but its still in BETA stage. So, one must need to wait for some days to get a stable working port. We will update the post with updated links time to time.


-       EIS
-       panaroma
-       Slo-mo


Coming Soon...

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