Android Go vs Android One vs Stock Android

Android Go vs Android One vs Stock Android

When Android came out in 2009, no one knew it would become the most popular mobile OS just after a few years down the line of its launch. This all became possible because of Android being open-source and the functionality it brings along.

We've all seen different iterations of Android since its launch. Google has been upgrading the OS every year to make it better and better. The OEMs are allowed to customize and tweak the OS as they wish which leads to several issues such as delayed updates, older security patches, compromise in UI smoothness and more. This is the reason Google had to jump in and take things in their hand.

The Android One program and the Android Go initiative was taken by Google to provide the best of Android to all.

Stock Android

Stock Android is the purest form of Android that Google develops. Google's Nexus devices and now the Pixel devices are shipped with pure stock Android.

OEMs like Motorola have been shipping their devices with stock Android with very little tweaks made to the OS such as the camera app or gestures.

Android One

Android One was a initiative by Google whose sole purpose was to provide latest Android updates to the budget devices as well. Any device launched under the Android One programme will shipped with stock Android and promised updates for initial years.

Unlike stock Android devices, the Android One devices have to be shipped with collaboration with Google. This ensures that the manufacturers cannot add any bloat or unwanted stuff.

Android One ensures bloat free devices, fast OS updates, promised timeline of security updates, pure stock Android experience.

Few devices with Android One:
  • Mi A1/A2
  • All Nokia Devices
  • Moto
Android Go

Android Go was launched with Oreo Go with an aim to provide the same pure stock Android experience even on low-end devices which don't boast of powerful hardware specifications.

The ”Go” iteration of the Android comes with advantages such as

     Optimization for lower RAM

     Lighter suite of Google apps

Google also launched their “Go” line of apps on the play store so that people who want to save storage on their devices or want a lighter app can take advantage of these apps. These apps are very small in size ranging from a few Megabytes to a mere 10-20 Megabytes at max.


Android One and Android Go are the variants of stock Android itself which were introduced with a vision of providing the best Android experience to every user without any compromises. They don't actually compete with each other because they are not intended to.

If you're someone who is concerned about updates, security, don't want bloatware, then you should definitely pick any of the above whichever suits your need.

Image source: Google


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