How to Use Google Camera on Asus Zenfone Max PRO M2

google camera asus zenfone max pro m2 

So guys today we will talk about how to use Google Camera on Asus Zenfone Max PRO M2 with portrait mode working and even night sight working

The Process is safe, No data loss, no warranty loss, no bootloader unlock, no root

Asus launches its new smartphone, and it's pretty good at almost every aspect, upgraded processor, upgraded cameras, upgraded design, but where they laks is the camera part, but that is where GCam or Google Camera comes into the play to enhance your smartphone photography experience.

The images show on default camera are not that bad but you guys might know that what google pixel camera can do.

 First of all i would like to thank asus for providing the easiest method to enable camera 2 api on asus zenfone max pro m2,

Now let's start the process to enable Camera 2 API on Asus Zenfone max pro m2

Download adb and fastboot drivers on your laptop or PC and install it.

Now download the latest adb folder and extract it to the desktop.

Now on your Asus Zenfone Max PRO M2 go to settings, system, about phone and tap on build no 7 times to enable developer option

Now go to developer option and enable usb debugging.

Now power off device, and press and hold volume up+power key to go into fastboot mode.

Now connect your to the laptop or PC.

Now open the latest adb folder which you had extracted earlier, where you will find some files and folders.

Now press and hold shift key on your laptop or PC , and at the same time press right click on some empty space of this adb folder.

Now it will display a popup window showing Open PowerShell window here or Open command window here.

Just click to open powershell or command window, and it will open a command window.

Now you will have to run two commands one by one to enable camera 2 api on your asus zenfone max pro m2.

The first command would be  : .\fastboot devices

Just type the above command and hit enter, after that the command window will show some random strings, that means you asus zenfone max pro m2 has been detected by your laptop/pc,

But if you see some error or red lines, that means your adb and fastboot drives are not installed properly, so try to install abd and fastboot drivers first.

Now it time to run the second command that is : .\fastboot oem enable_camera_hal3 true

Just type the above command and hit enter, and after that you will see a message OKEY, FINISHED.

That means you have successfully enabled Camera 2 API on your Asus Zenfone Max PRO M2.

But if you want to confirm, just download the camera 2 probe and check if level 3 green ticked.

Now you just have to download the working Google Camera PORT For Your Asus ZenFone Max PRO M2,

So here are some working and tested GCam For Asus ZenFone Max PRO M2.

Pixel 3 GCam for Asus ZenFone Max PRO M2  (Front Camera Not Working as of now)

Pixel 2 GCam For Asus ZenFone Max PRO M2 (Both Camera working)

Here is the Video Tutorial for This Process : 


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