Quick Tips To Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly On Any Smartphone

PUBG Mobile has become really popular these days. The famous Battle Royale game was very famous among PC gamers but everyone cannot afford a high-end gaming PC or doesn't have the time. PUBG Corporation along with Tencent Games worked that out and brought the famous battle royal to the mobile on both, Android and iOS platforms. The game became very popular in just a few days and moreover, it is free to download, so it helped the corporation to garner more and more users.

Since the launch of the game, the developers of the game are working hard to bring new maps and features to the game and optimizing it for smooth gameplay. But if you have a budget device, then you might be facing some issues related to the smoothness of the gameplay. You must be wondering why isn't PUBG Mobile gameplay smooth on my phone. You might think that your phone has a hardware that is incapable of handling the game but that isn't true.

See the above picture for example. On the top-right corner, you can see the Frame Rate. I'm running PUBG Mobile on my Xiaomi Mi A1 device which has a good hardware and I'm able to play the game on such high fps. So I'm gonna tell you some tips with the help of which you can play PUBG Mobile smoothly on your device without lagging or heating problem.

1. Understand the Graphics Settings

In the Settings panel of your game, you will find an option to set your preferences for the Graphics and Frame Rate. There are a couple of options there. What most people do wrong is that they try to play on the highest "Graphics" and highest "Frame Rate" available for their device. This will force your SoC to run at its maximum capabilities and as a result, it will start to heat. After a couple of minutes due to thermal throttling, the processor will underclock itself to lower the heat which drops the performance and the game starts to lag. Don't do that.

For a smooth gameplay, you need a high frame rate and not the highest graphics. The graphics add to the detail of the picture but doesn't make it smooth. Choose the "Balanced" Graphics and "Extreme" Frame Rate (chances are that you will not be able to select Extreme or Ultra Frame Rate because the developers have blocked them. There is a workaround for that too). To prove that it works, take a look at the picture below.

As you can clearly see, the fps achieved on "Smooth and Extreme" combination is much higher than the "Balanced and Extreme" combination. Keep the graphics on lowest and the frame rate on highest (the highest your device can handle).

2. Clearing your Memory

Just before you run the game, clear your RAM and reboot your device so that the unwanted processes get killed which are not killed even if you clear your RAM. This will surely boost the performance by a considerable margin if not by a huge margin.

When there were apps running in the background, the average fps was 38fps and the CPU and RAM usage was high too. After the reboot, the average fps increased to 40fps. Also, the CPU and RAM were less loaded this time which will keep the temperature low.

3. Adjust Screen Brightness

Playing any game on maximum brightness or high brightness levels will heat up the screen and other internals as well. Keep your phone's brightness to 50% (or lower) as per the surroundings that you are playing in. This will prevent your device from heating up.

4. Remove The Case

If you have any back cases attached to your phone, remove them when you start gaming. These cases don't allow the heat to dissipate properly and as a result of which the phone takes longer to cool down and becomes very warm.

5. Unlocking Higher Frame Rate

If your phone is capable enough to run higher frame rate but the game doesn't allow you to go beyond Medium or High config, then you can use this method to do that. Please note that if your device has a very low-end SoC such as 425, 430 or others, then increasing the frame rate may not help since the Processor and GPU on these SoCs cannot handle very high graphics demanding processes.

You need an app called GFX Tool which will unlock the high frame rate and graphics for your phone. This app DOES NOT require root access. After you have installed the app from Play Store, configure the app as shown in the images below:

  • Select the Game Version which you have installed.
  • Go to FPS menu and Select 60 FPS.
  • You can choose High graphics as well but I will not recommend that.
  • Do not alter any other setting.
  • Now click on Accept and it will launch the game.
  • Once the game is opened, go to Settings and choose the Frame Rate.

You need to choose a Frame Rate which suits your device best. Play a game and see if its smooth enough and then change it as required.
Note: You need to update the App as well as the game whenever a new update is released and repeat this process.

If you are thinking that this can heat up your device, then check the screenshot attached below.

These are a few things that will surely help you enjoy PUBG Mobile on your device and ensure a smooth gameplay. If you have any doubts or queries, then let me know in the comments below.


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