[FIXED] Redmi Note 4 Not Connecting to PC after Rooting

redmi note 4 unable to connect to pc using usb cable

Hi There! Today I am going to tell you the solution if your Redmi Note 4 is Not Connecting to PC/Laptop, this tutorial is for Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon Variant Not for Mediatek One.
So first I would like to tell you that when I started facing this issue on my Redmi Note 4 Device, when I thought that I should Root My Phone and then I found that the Rooting Method available for Redmi note 4 (SD) is occurring bootloop for Redmi note 4 when it’s done on MIUI V8.1.15.0 so that’s why I downgraded my Redmi Note 4 to MIUI V8.1.10.0 then I Rooted my device, using TWRP.

But after that I found that when I connect my Device to The PC its only showing Charging, and not displaying other options like- Touch for more options.

So first I thought that It could be normal bug, I went to settings and developer options and seen that USB debugging and all things are already ticked, then I thought that It is because of some driver issues on my PC, so I updated the drivers, but what happened? Nothing….

My Redmi Note 4 was still showing only charging when I connect it to the Laptop using USB cable.
Then one honest visitor of my site AndroWide Mr. KK100 has told me the solutions, hat tip to mr KK for this.

I will tell you Two Methods of How to Connect Redmi Note 4 to PC for File Sharing.

Method One:-

If your device is Rooted then install the ES File Explorer, and open it and Enable Root Explorer From the Menu of Es File Explorer

Note: Enabling ROOT Explorer is Must otherwise you will see an error message something like : sorry this feature can't run in your divce

Now you will now find an option of which storage you are looking to explore then on the top you will find a drop-down on the ES File Explorer click and Select (/) Device From there, that means you are going to Explore the System Files of Your Redmi note 4.

Now Scroll Down and Find the Folder System open it and scroll down once more, on the downside you will find a file named build.prop, make sure to first backup that file, copy the file and paste it some other folder before editing the file.

Now click on build.prop file and open it with ES Note Editor, Now you will find a text file open and you have to click on pencil icon on the Top to start editing the Build.prop file.
Now Scroll down to the bottom of the file (in the edit mode) and add the following 3 lines code to it.




Now click on the back button of Es File Explorer which is on the top left side, and It will ask you to save the build.prop file, just save it and Restart Your Redmi Note 4 and now connect to PC using Recognized USB Cable, and it will show you all the options like: Charging Only, Transfer Files (MTP) and Transfer photos (PTP).

Watch this Tutorial in Hindi on My YouTube

Method 2:-

The second method of connecting Redmi Note 4 to the PC is using TWRP Custom Recovery, if your Redmi note 4 is Rooted and have TWRP installed on it then just boot into TWRP recovery mode, if you not able to boot into TWRP on Redmi Note 4 then Read this Post.
Now in TWRP Mode if you connect your device to the PC using USB cable, you will be able to Transfer files from phone to pc of Vise versa.

Note: if you have any issues regarding this or any other issues regarding Redmi note 4 then please comment below I will try solve the issue if possible.

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