Waiting For This Message This May Take A While, WhatsApp Issue [Solved]

waiting for this message, WhatsApp Issue Solved

WhatsApp is a very widely used Instant Messaging App, and we are very familiar with WhatsApp but today I am going to tell you about one issue called  "Waiting for this message. this may take a while" so are today going to talk about how to fix waiting for this message on WhatsApp.

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So let's talk about the main reason of this kind of message shown on WhatsApp.

What is End to End Encryption Basics

This is because WhatsApp usage the End To End Encryption, to provide the best privacy and security to its user, by encrypting users message so that only the recipient and sender can see the message sent to each other, first of all to use the End to End Encryption on whatsapp we need to have the latest version of WhatsApp on our Android or i-Phone, after this when we send a message to our friend or anyone whatsapp creates two keys one public key and one private key, each person using whatsapp are assigned with one private and public key, so when you send a message to someone it encrypts your message with your private key and sends your public key with the message and then user can see your message because they have a public key assigned with that message, this all happens in the back end so you don't need to worry about it.
So basically if you send a message on WhatApp, its actually not hack able, no one can see your messages except the recipient, this is one of the great thing in the internet today.

so now come back to point why you are not able to see your friends message on WhatsApp, only getting an error such Waiting For this message, 

How to Fix Waiting For This Message. This may take A While on WhatsApp

First  Lets know what happening in the back end of whats app, sometimes when your friend sends the message and before whatsapp can encrypt it properly he goes offline, in this situation whats app will be unable to Encrypt The message properly and that is why you get waiting for this message, issue on whatsapp. 

Now the Simplest way to resolve the issue (waiting for this message) is to ask your friend to come Online and open Their WhatsApp, and make sure that they are connected to the internet so that WhatsApp can Encrypts the Message and Send to you a Proper Encrypted Message. As soon as they or he or she comes online then you will be able to see that message text. that’s it.

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